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- (1) V-Rod Speed Opener


Introducing our exclusive bottle opener and pourer cork in one, the V-Rod! Made of heavy gauge stainless steel, these openers will not rust and are built for the abuses of a constantly used bar tool. Cork puller hand features a notch perfectly suited for a number of pourer styles, both with and without necks. Slip the notch under the neck, give a slight twist and your pourer pops right off. Flip the opener around and open dozens of beers without issue.

V-Rod - Stainless Steel Opener

  • We love this Speed Opener! If not just for the ease of removing pourers from empty bottles! A must need for professional and novice alike. Can't go wrong with this one.

    - Works great with Cap-on poures. Cap-on pourers are poures made to allow you to fit a liquor cap when not in use and are made to throw away with bottle. With the v-rod you can turn that into a multi-use cap (just wash between bottles).

  • Our return policy is pretty cool. We feel that you shouldn't have to keep something that isn't right for you. We guarantee your money back within 30 days.

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