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- (1) Mini Cutting Board 3.5" x 3"


Sometimes, you just need a little bit of work surface to speedily process fruit for garnishes. Our Mini Cutting Board fits the Biggie Bar Mat and provides just this surface. Made of the same high quality material as our other cutting boards, this will not absorb bacteria, juices, oils or other funks that will contaminate other foods. These boards are only 3.5" wide, just big enough to handle one piece of fruit at a time. Perfect for on-the-go bartenders and when you run out of something and need to make just enough immediately.

Mini Cutting Board (Fits Biggie Bar Mat)

  • Ever run into a situation where you need to cut fruit fast? This is the solution you have been waiting for! Made to fit into the Biggie Bar Mat, you can't go wrong with owning this Mini Cutting Board. Fits in snug, slips out for easy cleaning and dishwasher safe. Complete you biggie bar mat with the mini cutting board and you will be set for success! Love this cutting board has saved us in a pinch more times then we know.

    - Pairs with Biggie Bar Mat

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