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- (12) Cap-on Pourers


If you've ever done mobile bartending or find you are removing pourers after every shift, save yourself the time and switch to the CAP-ON pourers. These slip into your bottle and the cap goes back on. Pours like a regular pourer. Good stream. Easy to handle. Clear/translucent so many of your customers won't even notice the pourer.

Cap - on Pourers (Disposable) Clear

  • These cap-on pourers are great for professional or home bar use. Nothing keeps bugs out of bottles as well as a cap! Once you squeeze these caps in the bottle you are going to have a fully fuctional pourer and be able to put the cap back on and carry it to the next location without a spill, we like that.

    Pro Bar Solutions tip - Get the V-Rod Speed Opener and get a chance to turn these disposable pourers into multi-use pourers, with its bottle pourer removale tool. (just wash in between bottles)

  • Our return policy is pretty cool. We feel that you shouldn't have to keep something that isn't right for you. We guarantee your money back within 30 days.

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