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- (1) 18 oz Weighted Boston Shaker


When you think of cheater tins you most commonly think of the 16 ounce tin. However many do not realize that the 18 ounce shaker can also be used as a cheater tin or a cap to the 28 ounce shaker. The benefit? The 18 ounce stands higher inside the 28 ounce therefore allowing for more liquid space. So if the order is for several shooters, the 18 ounce shaker may be the way to go. This shaker is also weighted in the base keeping the professional bartenders in mind. Stands 5" tall with a 3.25" diameter.

18 oz Weighted Boston Shaker

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  • What a complement to the 28 oz Weighted Boston Shaker. If your looking to impress or just making your job... a little easier, you can't go wrong with the 18 oz Weighted Boston Shaker. Don't just take our word for it either! We asked world renowned bartenders what size they prefer... it was no competition.

    - Goes great with 28 oz Weighted Boston Shaker

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