Top Beer Making Kits of 2020. Best quarantine project you can do!

Beer! What can I say? Who doesn’t like beer, right? I personally love it, I don’t like the calories, but I do love it! Everyone has their story about the first time that they snuck a beer or two and it normally starts something like this.

'My friends and I stoled a beer from the fridge and snuck out the house to try our first beer, and it was awful!!'

If that sounds like you then we have more in common then we thought lol. That awful tasting beverage is now one of our top beverages as an adult. But we are not the first to dip our toe, so to speak, in beer. Beer has been around ever since we started writing and documenting human history! Just so you all have an idea of when that was, Wikipedia says “Beer is one of the oldest drinks humans have produced. The first chemically confirmed barley beer dates back to at least the 5th millennium BC in Iran, and was recorded in the written history of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia and spread throughout the world. Though, the ancient Chinese artifacts suggested that beer brewed with grapes, honey, hawthorns, and rice were produced as far back as 7,000 BC.” Now that is a long time ago, so I think is safe to say that beer has been our favorite past time. But why? I think is because of that buzz that gets us going or relieves some stress or even maybe as a way to get that courage!

Whether you love to taste, Color or just the way it makes you feel, there is no better time to learn and make your own beer then the present. There will most likely never be another quarantine like this and no better time to make your own beer! Getting tippy on your own supply has never been easier! Today we are going to walk you through the process of brewing and at the end we are going to give you my personal favorite beer kits starting from cheap and easy to more complete and expensive. So lets get this beer party started!

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Home brewing is pretty simple and may change depending on the beer kit you choose at the bottom, but they all follow the same basics with these 4 steps:

Step 1

  1. Preparation - its always important to have all the equipment you are going to need laid out, clean and sanitized. If you don’t have all the supplies needed you can always buy one of the kits below and build form there.

Step 2

  1. Brewing - This always starts out with your choice of water and the grains you are going to need for the steeping of your grains, which is the process of bring your water to 170 degrees and removing your grains, let it drain, but don’t squeeze, leads to unwanted flavors.

  2. Boil - When you hit the rolling boil remove it from the heat and add malt extracts. These come with your kit and make sure you follow the instructions to the letter from here on out. After you add the extract’s dissolve return to boil. Hops will now be added at various intervals. This is my favorite part! It smells so good and sweet!!!

  3. If you made it this far you have wort - Congrats you’ve made sugar water. Cool your wort as quickly as possible. you can do this by Ice Bath or a wort chiller.

Step 3

  1. Fermentation, but don’t forget to sanitize your equipment!!! Once you’ve made sure, pour cooled wort into the fermenter.

  2. Add water to bring it to 5 gallons

  3. Aerate wort by splashing it round in the container, this will help the yeast get oxygen.

  4. Add yeast. Dry yeast is the easiest, sanitize the east pack and scissors, cut the corner of the pack and pour into fermenter.

  5. After that add your fermentation air lock and store it in a dark cool place around 60°.

Step 4

  1. After about to weeks its time for bottling, so when you are about to bottle your beer sanitize your bottles, bottle filler, bottle caps, bottling bucket and anything else you will use to bottle.

  2. Get your priming sugar added to about 16 oz of boiling water, then let it cool and add to bottling bucket.

  3. Now just transfer your beer by siphon into your beer bucket, but leave as much sediment at the bottom of the fermenter as possible.

  4. Then its bottle time, attach bottle filler to hose and hose to bucket spigot, open he spigot and push the bottle filler to the bottom of the bottle

  5. Cap your beers

  6. Store the bottles at room temperature for 2 weeks. This gives the beer time to carbonate.

Then cool them down and share with friends. Keep in mind you can do one after the other to keep your beer coming out so you don’t have to wait so long. It’s really just the first batch that you have to wait for

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Now its time to get to the Best Beer Kits of 2020. I hope you buy one of these kits for all the hours of research I've done and I hope I found one for everyones price point. But when it all comes down to it, I want you all to appreciate what you are brewing and have fun with it. This has a way of building memories and bonding moments. So with that being said, lets turn you into a brewing master and get you drinking your own beer with our favorite brewer kits, Northern Brewer!

1. Northern Brewer - Siphonless 1 Gallon Craft Beer Making Starter Kit - This is the lowest cost kit starting at $49.99 for the Ale or $54.99 for an IPA. This is a great starting kit if you don't want to put that much money into it. But you are going to need some stuff like a Stainless Steel Kettle and some other supplies on hand.

2. Northern Brewer Deluxe Homebrew Starter Kit 5 gallon - This is the medium kit and it start at $169.99. You are going to want to buy this kit if you are going to share this goodness with others. After you've done a couple of batches you will be known as the best brewer your friends have ever known!! You will still need a stainless steel kettle for this kit as well.

3. Northern Brewer - Premium Craft Brewery in a Box Beer Making Starter Kit - This is the Mac Daddy and the kit that I personally own! It cost $349.99 and its made for people that really want to make beer from the start. I bought this kit over a decade ago and I still use it every winter! This is the kit you get to become a Brew Master. It has everything you need for the first time you use it and you can upgrade this kit as you get more experience and read a few forms. You will also save a ton of money by buying this kit first and adding on to it. With that being said, what are you waiting on, put this in your cart and by it... your Brew Master you.

ATTENTION SHOPPERS: Bar Solutions and Amazon would like you all to be safe, so why the COVID-19 is around we would like you to take a look at to protect yourself to the best of your ability.

Thats the end of this quarantine beer brewing rant. I truly hope you liked it and have put one of these amazing beer kits in your cart. You will be helping Northern Brewer and me out. Also thanks for taking the time to read this and if you haven't done so already sign up for our email list and never miss out on a blog review, Cocktail Friday or discounts for any our products again!

Be safe out there Barflies, its dangerous out there, so just stay home please. Thank you all for your support, we love you!

Also want to give a thank you to Northern Brewer and Wikipedia for helping bring this blog post together.

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