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You’ve come to the right blog if you want to know the truth about Ice Buckets. We are going to breakdown the top 5 buckets of 2020 and give honest reviews. We strive to give you the true about the products we support because at the end of the day being honest pays off! We also want you to be able to come to our blog and read about any bar products and know that we did the research for you and can be sure that any products we recommend are worth your money! So if you like our reviews, which I know you will subscribe to our email list and be the first to know about reviewed products, tips and tricks and much much more.

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Not very much is known about the ice bucket, but here is what we do know. Its a container usually cylinder that is meant to keep drinks cold or keep ice longer. There are tons of ice buckets out there and with so many designs, colors, materials and prices, we have decided to give you our “Top 5”, so pay very close attention and get ready to find the right ice bucket for you and the occasion.

#1 The best bang for your buck - 10 piece Ice Bucket

We are starting you off right with this ice bucket because who doesn't want more with there purchase?? This bucket gets a 5 out of 5 star rating and will more then satisfy all your ice bucket needs and no sweating because its double walled, no one likes to clean up all that water or have to put a towel underneath your ice bucket! It also comes with a ton of extras, and things that you wouldn't mind having around the house for a rainy day and if you already have them extras never hurt anyone lol.

What does this thing come with you ask?

  • Stainless Steel Ice Bucket with lid

  • Tongs and an ice scoop

  • a wine bottle opener

  • 2 pourers

  • 3 wine bottle stoppers

  • cleaning brush

  • and a ice tray

What else could you ask for? This is a purchase you will be glad you made!

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The Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • There are a lot of great things about this bucket and one being the title, "The best bang for your buck"! It truly is, as much as we hate to say it, our website couldn't even match these prices for all the items listed.

  • Its stainless steel and double walled

The Cons

  • Shiny things get smudges, if you don't like the idea of the occasional finger print, this may not be the one for you.

  • Sometimes cheap prices mean bad quality, we are not saying you are going to regret this purchase, as a matter or fact I truly do think you will love this purchase, just be aware this is not something that is going to be passed down generations.

#2 Bellemain 3 Liter Insulated Stainless Steel Ice Bucket with Bonus Ice Tongs

If you are just simply looking for an ice bucket or a gift for a friend, there is no better house warming present then the Bellemain 3 Liter Insulated Stainless Steel Ice Bucket with Bonus Ice Tongs!

This is a must need for any bar or cocktail station, its simple elegant design is sure to get attention from your guests as well as saving some steps to the fridge.

Lets see the break down

  • Its stainless steel and double walled which helps keep the place you set it dry

  • keeps ice frozen for up to 6 hours

  • comes with easy grip tongs

  • and has a 3 year warranty from Bellemain, this is a must have.

This is a purchase you will not be mad you made!

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The Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • Stainless steel and double walled.

  • Comes with a lid and tongs

  • Love the 3 year warranty

The Cons

  • The only bad thing we could find about this bucket is that the tongs are a little on the cheap side.

#3 Old Dutch International 876 Old Dutch Ice Bucket, 3 quart, Copper

If you are into the copper trend, this is the ice bucket for you! Attention grabber, check. Copper look, check. Cool brass tongs, check. You have everything you are going to need right here with this purchase. Just look at it, even better, order it right now and hold it in you hands and look at it! Truly breathe taking ice bucket and deserves to be placed at your bar or cocktail station!

Lets break this thing down

  • Beautiful Copper-Plating over durable stainless steel

  • Removable liner with draining plate helps keep  ice cold and dry.

  • Generous 3 Qt. capacity for plenty of ice!

  • Bonus: A set of solid brass ice tongs included

  • Exterior is coated with a lacquered finish for tarnish resistance.

Need we say more???

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The Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • Great looks with attention to detail, Well worth the price

  • Solid brass tongs

  • tarnish resist

The Cons

  • Not double walled

  • No handles to hang a towel or for comfortable transport

#4 Nambé MT0914 Nara Wood Ice Bucket, Medium, Brown

Beauty is the first thing that comes to mind with this Ice bucket! Just the curves really get me going! It is stained beautifully and comes with a pretty cool ice scoop. This is another step up in you ice bucket game and is truly an attention grabber! This piece is more then just an ice bucket, it's a piece of art and a great conversational piece. But lets see what this thing is made out of, shall we?

The breakdown

  • Made of Nambe alloy and acacia wood

  • Hand wash; Dry Immediately. We wouldn't want this piece to get ruined

  • Designed by Sean O'Hara

  • 8.5" D x 8.5" H

  • Scoop: 7" L x 4" W

Thats all there is to it, simply beautiful!

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The Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • Attention grabber with its beautiful design

  • Beautiful ice scoop

The Cons

  • Completely wooden, so maintain is the name of the game with this one. Towel dry at the end of use.

  • Chrome ice scoop needs to be maintained as well

#5 - Ghidini-1961 Here Thimble Ice Bucket - Rose Gold

This is the most expensive ice bucket we could find and here is why you should get it!!

If you are looking to truly have the top of the top and one up all of your friends and guest, then there is simply nothing in comparison to the Ghidini-1961 Here Thimble Ice Bucket in Rose Gold! Of course this thing is beautiful, its handmade in Italy and crafted from casted aluminium in a shining polished gold hue! It's designed by Studio Job, it is finished with the studio’s recognizable weapon engraving and there is nothing on the market like it!

Lets break it down

  • It's an Ice bucket

  • It is casted aluminum

  • Dimensions: H25xØ25cm

  • Designed by Studio Job

  • Striking thimble design

Yes, it's expensive so have a seat before reading this price, are you seated?

. . . It comes in at a whopping $3,426.19 + $14.99 shipping, we are talking some serious money but can you really put a price on bragging rights? Hell no!! This thing is sure to stand out in any house hold... just be prepared for all the compliments your about to get!

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The Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • No one else you know will have it

  • Sure to have people talking

  • Elegant design

The Cons

  • Not double walled

  • Expensive

  • No tongs

Well that's that everyone and thank you for reading our blog about the best ice buckets of 2020. This is one of our first of many suggestion blogs for bar equipment. I personally hope you liked it so much you subscribe to our email list. Thanks again Barflies and keep being awesome!

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