To home bar or not to home bar....

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

When you move in to you new place, no matter if it's your first house, apartment or condo, the question always floating around in your head is.... "Where will the bar go?", at least for me and if you feel the same way keep on reading friend.

There are places in houses that people will always gather people. There is living room or dining room, but what do these places have in common? Seats, couches or a simply a place to put a drink down while you watch tv or hold a conversation with your host/guest. Come on, we have all been to these houses and have had either a mediocre or good time, but there is nothing that truly sparks you to go back. Then you have the peoples houses that have... that... that... electric, something special. That place that opens or loosens everyone up. That place where you you know, if you sit there that you're going to have a good time. That place where the music is coming from or that person that tells all the great stories is at. If you haven't figured it out, It's the bar!! That special spot that comes in so many shapes and sizes that can change the energy of any room.

The best part is the bar can be anywhere where people convene. If you don't have space to put in a bar there are plenty of great places, for me in my first apartment my partner in crime aka "Pretty Ricky" had a bar he bought from Spencers, I often wonder if he still has that bar that we stood around cutting jokes and making up cocktails that have forever changed our lives. But, what if you don't have the space? Well, that's easy, start by making a section in your kitchen ( another get area everyone seems to gather naturally), pick a corner with some access and start building your collection of favorite bottles of liquor, set aside a draw or cabinet to store your precious bar supplies and have the added bonus is the fridge is right there! Your beers will be forever cold, truly one of the best places to start up your bar, but what if you have a small kitchen and small living room? This is where the cart or some old coffee table come in handy, put this in a section you have little space that has easy access, right by the TV or a corner is a great place for a bar. Add 2 or three bottles, a ball glass or two and ice ben when you have company over and boom you have a bar.

Now that we are clearly on the path of putting a bar in or bar station in, the question is what do we put in it? What tools do I need? What beers need to be there, what about liquor bottles? How do I make cocktails and what ingredients do I need for them???? And the questions keep coming like, "How can I afford this"? All I have to say is slow down, I can help you with this as well.

Lets fix the "Can I afford it" problem first and by fixing this problem everything else will fall in line. It's easy to start a home bar, but remember its a home bar and on top of that it's your home bar! So, if you don't have the money to go out and buy everything you need, then start small. Add your favorite beer to the fridge and always have a couple of extra laying around for the guest that may show up unannounced. Then for your bar, add your favorite liquor, start off with one bottle and then add on, once you get a couple of bottles going its time to buy your prized bar tool... a cocktail recipe book, this thing is going to be with you forever! Mine was, Bartending for dummies 3rd edition, but you can look at any cocktail recipe book that catches your fancy. Once you have this handy dandy book you can start to really build your bar from everything from soft drinks to liquor to tools you're going to need. And if you are shopping for tools you have found the right place at

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