The only Jigger you need behind any bar in 2020, how it got its name and much much more!

Todays product is no other then the jigger. This small, weightless and easy to use tool is one of the most important tools you can find behind a bar. You may say to yourself that this tool is not worth it or I can judge the pour without it, but you would be wrong. There is a reason why professional bartenders and mixologist across the world still use them today. Mixing, shaking or stirring a drink is not just a guessing game, it's science and how you make the drink is art. So without further ado, lets learn about the Jigger.

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There's something to be said about being behind the bar! It's a kinda magical feeling, especially when you make a great tasting cocktail! Wither it is at home or if it’s your job, having the right tools matter and getting the right tools means you have consistency and consistency, is arguably the most import thing behind any bar.

Bar Solutions has made it a point and a mission statement to find and provide the very finest quality of tools at affordable prices! So, if you are looking for quality tools for affordable prices, think Bar Solutions.

Today bar talk is going to be about a product everyone needs behind the bar, whether it be at a home bar or professional bar, you my friend are going to need a jigger. And the most universal jigger just happens to be the 1/2 oz. to 1 oz jigger.

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But before we get into the jigger, lets look back on the history of the jigger for a moment.

There are quite a few theories behind how the jigger got its name, but I tend to lean to the theory of the British navy and back when ships were the lead tech of the world! The name is thought to come from the lowest sail on the jiggermast, this is the fourth mast on a sailing ship. The word “jigger” signified 1.5 oz. roughly and was the daily ration of rum or gin that was served to the sailors. Safe to say that the history of the jigger and consistency have been around for centuries . . . along with the art of asking for” just one more”.

Ok, lets check the box on the history of the jigger and get to the point of why we have chosen this jigger for our store and why you should have one at your bar.

First, let me start of by saying this is not the cheapest jigger on the market, but it is the affordable , most reliable jigger on the market and we are proud to have it in stock! We have went through the jigger market and always found a flaw of some kind, whether it material just plain sucks (which leads to rust) or just not accurate (you’ll be consistent, but your drinks won’t taste right).

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Lets talk about the design and what this jigger is made out of, the science behind this jigger at least.

The Vinyl Works Jigger is made of high quality durable steel and is clearly marked with 1 oz on one end and 1/2 oz marked on the other. This makes it effortless to pick up and start pouring with ease. The Vinyl Works Jigger comes in stainless steel and offers a black enhanced plastic grip making it easier to grip on the go. Wet hands? Doesn’t matter, having the plastic sleeve helps make it wider which has done two things Ive noticed.

  1. Easy to hold which makes your hold more steady

  2. Never slips, which is a must if you are on a busy bar.

If you are a novice or seasoned bartender measuring your recipe couldn’t be much easier with a jigger that is clearly marked, accurate and made to grip to mix your shots or cocktails.

This is the jigger we have chosen and to keep in stock at our warehouse because it is cheap and reliable. This prefab is the best on the market today and it’s what makes it so affordable for you.

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On a side note, lets watch a video of some cool tricks you van practice at home with your jigger and other bar tools! Click here to get your jigger and start practicing today.

So, click here or any of the pictures or highlighted words and get your very own jigger today!

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