One item you need for quarantine! The SodaStream, make sparking water or soda on demand!

Tired of having to pick up extra bottles of your favorite mixers? Well, let me introduce you to an item I’ve had in my home bar since 2014, the SodaStream. If you don’t have one, you have defiantly heard about it. I have to say it is my favorite item someone has ever purchased me for my home bar. I love it so much, I have personally even purchased it for some of my friends as gifts.

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So, some of you may be wondering, what is so great about a SodaStream. I personally use it to make club soda, in my opinion, the best mixer for low calorie cocktails. It’s really easy, just pour your water into the bottle to the fill line, put it into your SodaStream, push the button and boom you got club soda! Don’t just want boring old club soda? Now there are flavors you can add to your club soda like lemon, orange and many other flavors and because you are making it, you can add as little or as much flavor as you want, this really does make all the difference. Want that SodaStream yet?

More of a soda person? Great news! They have all the syrups you need to make your favorite soda! I’m not a soda person for the most part at all, but it is nice to be able to make soda for a guest that comes over on demand. Don’t want the SodaStream syrups? There are tons of third party syrup companies out there that make the soda syrup you will love.

Does this produce help save the environment? Hell yes it does! The bottles are reusable and are built to last! I still have my original bottle from when it was purchased, that was 6 years ago!! The SodaStream has made it easier to stop buying plastic bottled club soda, tonic and soda only to have it die on me the next day and have to throw it out. So stop wasting time, money and plastic waste buying pre-bottled soda and hope on the SodaStream today!

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Can you bring it with you anyway? Yes, bring this on camping trips, to friends parties, on the boat and even to the moon! The great thing about the SodaStream is that the push button SodaStream doesn’t even use batteries and the higher preforming SodaStream uses a lithium battery, so you can be sure that the SodaStream will be in working condition whenever you need it!

What about the CO2 cartage? The CO2 cartage on the SodaStream comes in 60 liter and 130 liter. The best to grab is the 60 liter because it is exchangeable and easy to find. This size normally lasts me about 60 bottles worth and is exchangeable at any Walmart for about $15 bucks. I encourage you to buy 2 of them, the back up is a life savor and a must have! You can even have them delivered or exchanged via mail, but I haven’t tired any of those methods… so let me know how it goes. So click here to get your SodaStream right now.

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Lets make a quick list of why you should have a SodaStream!

  • A must have for any home bar or kitchen

  • Make Club Soda at any time, no running to the store.

  • Make any soda at any time, as long as you have syrup on hand.

  • Help save the environment by purchasing less plastic bottles. . . like a lot less!

  • Bring it anywhere! Camping, boating, parties, trips and many more places.

  • Great gift for any occasion.

  • Easy to operate.

  • Easy to exchange CO2 cartage.

  • Lots of fun

There are many more great reasons to get a SodaStream today, but I have to leave something for you to figure out lol.

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Lets take a look at the different SodaStreams you can buy today, with our friends at Amazon.

Push Button:

  • SodaStream push button - This is the only SodaStream that doesn’t use batteries and the lowest costing one! This baby blue one is going for $69 and go up by color choice of black, white and pink. This is also the one I personally got as a gift and as you know, I love it.

——— or get the bundle ———

  • SodaStream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker Bundle - This is everything you need to get started. Includes: sparkling water maker, (2) 60L Co2 cylinders, (3) 1 liter BPA-free reusable carbonating bottles, and (2) 40 ml Zero calorie fruit drops – Lime and orange flavors. Comes in colors black, white, navy blue and baby blue. All for the price of $149.95

One touch Button:

  • SodaStream Fizzi One Touch Sparkling Water Maker - This is the one touch and it is pretty cool because all you have to do is choose how fizzy you want your soda. This is the one I bought my friend and it is amazing! The one touch system is super smooth and he has had it sense 2015 and hasn’t had to switch the battery or had any problems. This one starts $116.99 for the black and $109 for the white.

———— or get the bundle ————

Now lets take a look at some extras for SodaSteam.

Soda Choices

  • SodaStream Cola, 440ml 4-Pack - This is a 4 pack of your favorite soda. You can choose between: Cola, Cherry Cola, Cream Soda, Dr Pete, Energy, Fountain Mist, Ginger Ale, Homestyle Lemonade, Root Beer and Tonic from here.

  • SodaStream Diet Caffeine Free Cola, 440ml 4-Pack - You can choose your favorite diet sodas from here with flavors like: Beet Caffeine Free Cola, Diet Cola, Diet Br Pete, Diet Fountain Mist, Diet fountain Variety Pack, Diet Ginger Ale, Diet Lemon Lime, Diet Orange, Diet Root Beer and Diet Tonic.

Extra Bottles 1 Liter Choices

Pump for your syrups

  • SodaStream Syrup Pump - This is a must have if you desire to make soda. The pump starts at $14.99 and has pre-measured pumps and easy to clean.

That’s it everyone! I’ve don’t the research so you don’t have to. All jokes aside, I truly do love this product and will put my stamp of approval on it. It’s just the best product out there for cocktail mixes, saving the environment and even saving you a bit of cash. So if you where ever thinking about the SodaStream. Now is the time to buy it!

Be safe out there Barflies, its dangerous out there, so just stay home please. Thank you all for your support, we love you!

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