Making infused jalapeño Tequila for a spicy sweet Tequila Sunrise, We call the Heated Kiss!

Infused alcohol is a ton of fun and the only pure way to get non - artificial flavors in your spirts. They take some work and time but they are so worth it. Today we are going to hit you with a spicy sweet version of Tequila Sunrise we like to call The Heated Kiss.

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One of our top Barflies has asked for a Spicy Sweet cocktail, so prepare your taste buds for a wild ride of bursting heat with the sweetness of a kiss!

First thing we are going to need to make is our infused tequila, keep in mind you want to do this for at least 48 hours to a week before you are ready to call any spirt infused.

Pro Tip: Letting it sit longer will allow more flavor to be infused into your spirt. Lets talk supplies and ingredients:

Supplies needed for infused Tequila:

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  1. Favorite Tequila (clear or gold, just make sure its 100% agave)

  2. Pineapple

  3. Small jalapeño

  4. Mason Jars

  5. Knifes and Cutting board

Instructions for making infused Tequila:

  1. Wash mason jar and let dry

  2. Cut Pineapple into 1/2 inch cubes - 1 cup

  3. Cut small jalapeño in thin slices. Leave the seeds in if you want it to be HOT, seed out for mild taste. But you can always make both mild and HOT… just label the jars!

  4. Put pineapple cubes and jalapeño slices in mason jar

  5. Pour Tequila over the fruits until covered

  6. Screw lid on

  7. Place in cool dark place for 2 - 5 days

The next time you open this jar it is going to be the best sweet heat your beautiful lips have ever touched!!

The Heated Kiss


  • 1.5 oz of your jalapeño pineapple infused Tequila

  • .5 oz Grenadine

  • Orange juice


  • Lime wheel

  • Thin Jalapeño wheel


  1. Pour Grenadine in tall glass

  2. Then add the 1.5 oz of infused tequila

  3. Fill glass with ice and Orange juice

  4. Garnish with lime and jalapeño wheel

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Be safe out there Barflies! We love you!

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