Cold coffee lovers are going to love this cocktail! Come learn how to create this classic!

For all you iced cold coffee lovers out there, we may have found the best coffee cocktail out there for you. Does anyone want to take a guess…?

This coffee cocktail has a lot of sweetness to it and it is best served cold, but just to warn you it does have whiskey in it (thats a hugh hint).

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If you guessed “Irish Coffee” you are so close. The name of this amazing cocktail is “Irish Summer Coffee”, very close to its more famous counterpart. So lets get started making this thing!

Irish Summer Coffee


1 oz Irish Whiskey

1/4 oz Irish Cream Liqueur

4 oz Cold Coffee

Whip Cream


Fill Boston Shaker with ice

Throw top 3 ingredients into boston shaker


Strain into favorite glass or glass coffee cup

Top with Whip Cream… if you like that kind of thing.


Whip Cream

Chocolate sprinkles

Make sure to share this delicious coffee cocktail with friends and family.

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And BOOM!! Your night is off to a great start! This cocktails is guaranteed to keep you up and going!

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Be safe out there Barflies! We love you!

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