Boilermaker is this weeks Cocktail Friday! Ready to try a beer whiskey combo meant for hard labor?

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

The Boilermaker is a drink that is quick to ease the pain of a hard days labor. The drink made headway form the hard workers who built and maintained the locomotives in the 1800s and later on taken from the dock workers. Hard laborers like theses men at the time were known to head to the bar after a long days shift and a shot of whiskey (Irish Whiskey) and a pint of beer was a staple for the hard day of back breaking laborers. Now that we have some history about this 200+ old drink, lets learn how to make it!

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Boilermakers are a lot of fun and will get you to the tipsy point we all like quick. It's great drink if you are coming to the party a little late.


  • 1 - 2 oz shot of whiskey - I like to use an Irish Whiskey.

  • 1 - 10 oz pint of beer - any beer goes good with this one. . . maybe stay away from an IPA on this one. (leave some room up top for the shot)


  • Pour one shot of your choice of whiskey in a shot glass.

  • Pour one pint of beer in a glass.

As to how to take the shot there are 3 ways, some less dangerous then others:

  1. Pour the shot into the beer glass and take it all at once

  2. Take the shot of whiskey and use the beer as the chaser

  3. Drop the shot in the pint and slam it down! This is the most dangerous and has been know to chip a tooth or two, so be extremely careful!

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We hope you liked this weeks Cocktail Friday! We had a lot of fun writing this and hope you share it with friends and family. Now all we need you to do is sign up to our email list! Be safe out there Barflies!

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