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Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Wines just seems to make everything just a little bit better! There are so many flavors, processes and colors to choose from, which one do you choose? I personally think the best way to learn about wine is just to dive in. I would buy a couple from your local liquor store and see what you like, then jump into making it! With making your own wine you can learn the entire process and get bottles of wine at the end of the process… BOTTLES of wine, for those of you who didn’t catch it the first time.

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Today, right now we are going to walk you through some parings with wine that will take your wine journey from a “sipping section” to “taste bud popping wine lover”! No joke! Knowing how to pair a wine to food will make your experience 100X’s better and you may be able to impress someone along the way, if not yourself. So take a seat, don’t close this blog post and grab a little wine knowledge and at the end of this amazing blog post, you can purchase the Best Wine Making Kit I could find. I’ve done the research so you don’t have to, just because I love our Barflies more then anyone else in the world and you’re in quarantine, what else do you have to do?? lol

Paring is an important part of any wine purchase. So a little bit of planning may be needed for that perfect meal to really stand out. Lets get to the basics of Wine Paring.

A simple way of pairing wines is the golden rule of:

  • Red wines pair best with bold flavors, like red meats

  • White wines pair best with light-intensity meats like fish or chicken

This will get you started on the right path to any great date or pairing, but what if you want to take a more in depth look at pairing? Well, keep on reading and we will walk you through some of the basics of food and wine pairing.

Lets break down the wines and show you what wine pair well with the food you are cooking. Here are some tips and tricks when creating pairings for specific kinds of wines with the help of our friends at BackBar.

White Wine


While the specific tastes and aromas of Chardonnay can change depending on the brand, the wine generally has strong fruity flavors. With hints of green apple, pear, melon, creamy lemon, and rounded out with vanilla it pairs well with a variety of food options. It serves as a great choice for shellfish, grilled lobster, tilapia, vegetables, and dishes with rich sauces. Its bold body, lack of acidity, rich and creamy texture make it an excellent option for the above choices.

Off-Dry Riesling

This delicate white wine holds flavors of white peach, green apple, and lime. Its light sweetness makes it a perfect complementary pairing for spicy dishes. Its semi-sweet taste has the ability to tame the heat of spicy dishes. Off-Dry Riesling also pairs well with shellfish, pork, ham, and salads. Its lack of tannins and therefore bitterness make it a great pairing for salads with vinaigrettes. This is the case because bitter vinaigrettes paired with bitter wine will only enhance the bitterness of both the food and wine.

Sauvignon Blanc

As a light bodied white wine, Sauvignon Blanc tends to be high in acidity and offer a crisp white taste. This allows for it to pair well with tart dressings and sauces, cheese, oysters, fresh herbs and delicate fish. The pairing options here demonstrate how high acidity wine and food can compliment each other well. The acidity of the food and wine won't compete with each other and instead they will allow you to notice the natural flavors.

Pinot Grigio

With a light and crisp taste, Pinot Grigio is the prefect option for light seafood. Its crisp and delicate taste is perfect in enhancing in the flavors of a dish. With hints of pears, lemons, melons, and sweet spice, it creates a delicious white wine. It's important to pair delicate fish with delicate wines, because the wrong choice in food or wine can overpower the taste of the other. As a result you can end up with a great wine tasting bland because of the overpowering flavors of the food choice. Along with fish, Pinot Grigio also pairs well with pasta, grilled chicken and dishes with fresh herbs.

Red Wine

Dry Rosé

Rosé is one of the most diverse wines with its ability to have characteristics of both red and white wine. This allows for Dry Rosé to pair well with almost any cheese because of its acidity and fruity traits. As a crisp pink wine it offers a refreshing taste with low amounts of tannin and therefore little bitterness. Dry Rosé's flavors include hints of strawberries, cherries, citrus, and herbs. This allows for it to pair well with grilled chicken and spicy seafood.

Cabernet Sauvignon

As a full body red wine, Cabernet Sauvignon is high with tannins, plum, black berry, and black currant flavors. This gives it its dark fruity taste that even becomes more mature with time. The strong tannins make it a great choice for steak or lamb chops because of its ability to refresh your palate after each bite.

Pinot Nior

Pinot Nior is known for its light body and earthy flavors. These flavors consist of dark berries, cherries, plums, violets, and warm spices. This red wine stands apart form others, with very few tannins it pairs perfectly with fatty fish. This includes salmon and tuna among others. Along with fish, it pairs well with lamb, venison, and pork chops.


This red wine is the perfect congruent pairing for spicy dishes. With a spicy flavor profile itself, it pairs well with barbeque, lamb and grilled meats. The important thing to consider when pairing Syrah wines is the spice level of both the food and the wine. If the food is significantly spicer than the wine it will overpower it and cause the wine to lose its spicy profile and taste flavorless.

Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wine is commonly associated with celebratory occasions. However, sparkling wines pair well with a variety of different foods. Especially salty foods and even fried ones. This is the case because the carbonation in sparkling wine cuts through the saltiness and perfectly balances out the meal. Sparkling wine also pairs well with roasted vegetables and fish.

That is the best we can do for you guys and we hope that we helped out in this short article, for the full article from our friends at BackBar click here. That’s all the pairing we are going to get to on this article, look out for more tips and tricks with wine coming in the feature.

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Alright, we got you all set up for pairings now lets take a look at making our own wine!

You want to talk about impressing someone or a group of people on a date of dinner party?? Bring out your own wine! Everyone knows that feeling of being proud of something they’ve made. It’s always a sense of accomplishment, from when we are kids giving our pictures to our loved ones to hang on the fridge to becoming an adult and pouring your own wine into wine glasses for your guests. If you are getting excited about it as I am, don’t waste the time reading the rest of this article Click Here, but if you are still on the edge keep on reading.

Why should I make my own wine? Everyone has there own reasons for making something special, but here are a couple of mine:

  • Satisfaction of making something great.

  • Wanting to learn the process and bonding with friends and family, drinking and making.

  • Great for stocking your wine rack

  • Great for gifts. Dinner parties, house warming gift, parties and all of this for a fraction of the cost of buying them from the store.

  • Special occasions like anniversaries, weddings, etc.

  • Low cost wine

  • Never being able to run out of wine

  • Boredom, it is a great quarantine project.

These are just a few good reason why you should get a Wine Making Kit! So lets get it, Click here right now. If you want to know more about the kit and why we picked it, please keep reading.

The Wine Kit

I looked across the farthest reaches of the internet and back again looking for the best kit for the job. I looked for low cost, great reviews and best bang for you buck! I settled on one of the best companies I can find and that company is North Mountain! This kit comes with everything you need (besides the fruit) and have the best reviews with the best bang for your buck, it isn’t the cheapest out there but thats because they actually use great quailty equipment and I couldn’t find a better kit ,at this time, with everything you are going to need to get started right away. So here is a breakdown of everything that is in the kit:

North Mountain Supply 3 Gallon Wine From Fruit Complete 30pc Kit

  • a recipe book with 100 fruit wine recipes

  • Additives to make approximately 30 gallons of fruit wine

  • Included Step by Step Instructions

  • 6 - 5 Gallon Fermenter Lid /w Grommet for Airlock

  • 3 Gallon Glass Carboy

  • Solid #6

  • 5 Bung #6

  • 5 Drilled Rubber Bung

  • 2 Airlocks

  • Nylon Straining Bag

  • 8oz Oxygen Sanitizing Wash ~50 Camden Tablets

  • 2oz Pectin Enzyme

  • 1oz Potassium

  • Sorbate Stabilizer 5 x

  • 5g Montrachet Yeast

  • 8 oz Yeast Nutrient

  • 8 oz Acid Blend

  • 1 oz Wine Tannin

  • 1 oz Yeast Energizer

  • Triple scale wine hydrometer

  • 28" Plastic Stirring Spoon Wine

  • Thief/Test Jar Combo

  • Winemaker’s Recipe Handbook

  • Regular Auto-Siphon

  • bucket clamp

  • 5’ Siphon hose

  • 5/16” Shutoff

  • clamp for hose

  • 100 pack of wine corks

  • 60 pack of Black PVC shrink capsules

  • 60 pack of Burgundy PVC shrink capsules

  • Double lever corker

  • Wine bottle filler

Are you not impressed lol! All this for the simple price of $159.99!! Click Here

ATTENTION SHOPPERS: Bar Solutions and Amazon would like you all to be safe, so why the COVID-19 is around we would like you to take a look at to protect yourself to the best of your ability.

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Thanks for all you support and please be safe out there.

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