Best Portable A/C of 2020. Beat the Heat with the the COSTWAY and get the best bang for your buck!

The heat is here and it is HOT HOT HOT! We all have that one room in the house that is hot during the summer months and we all know to avoid that room at all costs! But. . . what if you can’t, what if it’s your bedroom?! Trying to sleep in a hot room is horrible! Trust me, I was experiencing this for years! The good news, is I’ve found the best solution for that hot room and it’s the Costway Portable Air Conditioner and it won’t run up your electric bill like your A/C! Lets get into this review!

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The Costway portable air conditioner is the way to beat this heat.

Being hot is never fun! Since the invention of the air conditioner there is just no better way to live. When we are hot all we can think about is getting to something with a/c, whether it be some sort of transport, building or home. We’ve all been there, I’m I right?

If you live in the south, like myself, and sleep in the room that has the sun beating on it for 8+ hours you are looking at temperatures of 85+ degrees in that room. So we try to open a window to cool that room down, but what if its a windless day? Opening windows in that room would be useless and if it’s a hot windy day it could be like turning on the heater. And don’t even get me started if its hot and humid!!

After all that suffering it finally becomes night and the room starts to cool, but it's not sleeping temperature till about 3 or 4am and even then, lets be honest, it just feels hot and uncomfortable! I think you are lucky if you were able get the minimum of 4 hrs before the long day of work begins. The longer you are in this hot environment of horrible sleep, the longer the days get, and then the grumpiness sets in, which in turn makes you not want to be around anyone and on and on. All this because you just couldn’t get to sleep!

Sleep controls our moods, energy levels and much more

Sleep is the most important thing our body does and sleep is where all the wear and tear of the day gets repaired while countless other body functions are happening. So a cool room is not only necessary, it is a must!! Our friends at say,

”Are you too hot or too cold when trying to snooze? Maybe you’re trying to be money conscious by keeping the temperature as low as possible in the winter and as high as possible in the summer, but if you didn’t know, your thermostat can make or break your slumber. For some, the temperature has to be just right for an ideal night’s sleep.

In general, the suggested bedroom temperature should be between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal sleep. When lying in bed trying to snooze, your body temperature decreases to initiate sleep—and the proposed temperatures above can actually help facilitate this. If your room is cool, rather than warm, it will be much easier to shut your eyes for the night. Thermostat settings far lower or higher than what's recommended could lead to restlessness and can also affect the quality of [sleep_term id="1219"], the stage in which you dream.

It can also help to think of your bedroom as a cave—it should be quiet, cool, and dark for the best chance at getting enough rest. If you’re still a troubled sleeper, in addition to the cooler room temperature, you should try placing a hot water bottle at your feet or wearing socks. This will help dilate your blood vessels faster and push your internal thermostat to a more ideal setting.

Sleep is important for a good nights rest for toddlers as well

And if you’re trying to get your baby or toddler to bed, raising the thermostat a little higher between 65 and 70 degrees will suffice. Just make sure to keep the crib or bed away from windows or fans, and be certain that the temperature stays consistent.”

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Life is a maze without sleep!

Tons is still unknown about sleep and why it is so important, but lets look at a few things we defiantly know about sleep and why it is so important:

  • The brain stores new information and gets rid of toxic waste.

  • Nerve cells communicate and reorganize, which supports healthy brain function.

  • The body repairs cells, restores energy, and releases molecules like hormones and proteins.

And this is just the beginning. If you would like to read the entire article check out our friends at, where they will break down everything they know about sleep and why we need it!

So, get your room cranked down to 60 to 67 degrees with the Costway portable air conditioner!

My personal story and experience:

Like I hinted at in the beginning, I’ve been living in a hot room for years during the spring/ summer and most of the winter months. What helped is that I was at work during the day and when I got home the room was mostly, warm and a turn of the thermostat would get the room right where it needed to be.

I think when the heat really got to me was on the weekends. I thought a window unit would be awesome for my room, but unfortunately I have turn-tilt windows, you know, the ones with a roll handle at the bottom that you have to crank to open. I always thought I was out of luck and just powered through it. That is until the quarantine happened and we are stuck at home for weeks at a time.

At first, it wasn’t bad here in mid Florida. The weather was switching back and forth to hot and cold so much that I was able to get 8 hours of sleep at least 2 to 4 nights out of the week. But, then one day it just got hot and stayed hot and then there were no full nights of sleep. It was just a constant fight for sleep, me against the heat vs. the electric bill. My bedroom like many of yours out there is on the North West side and is being beat by the sun for 7+ hours a day and that heat stays in the bedroom for many hours after. Unless it was a cloudy or rainy day, for the entire day, its hard to get comfortable and stay cool.

One sleepless night, as I’m sweating over my freshly washed sheets, I pull up Amazon and start looking for solutions. There just has to be an option for these crank handle windows I have, and I finally see it! Basically, it’s a piece of vinyl that velcro between the frame and the window, and its cheap (will have that at the bottom as well or click here). The next step was finding the Portable Air Conditioner, which had its own difficulties.

Did you know there are tons of versions, brands, and different cost points of portable a/c out there? The best part is, is there all seemed to be a piece of junk and cheaply made. So, the research began to find the least expensive and most reliable portable ac. Days and nights I searched to find the perfect one. I knew I was going to write a blog about it to help my fellow Barflies that are in the same situation, so I had to find the best unit I could, just in case you decided to buy one of these and finally get some much needed rest! It took some time. . . but thats one thing I had plenty of, with all these sleepless nights. Then I hit the jackpot and found this master piece of an a/c. The Costway 10,000 Btu portable air conditioner and dehumidifier. . . with remote control of course.

The Costway portable a/c is a simple unit and low cost coming in at $319.99 and goes up from there with color choice, I chose white, the cheapest of this brand and version of portable a/c. This had the most 5 star reviews, but I’m not going to lie there were some bad reviews. Most being a shipping damage problems, but there were a few that stood out. Like leaking!

Leaking would be a problem, being that I have carpet flooring in my room and besides that who wants to clean up a mess anyway. The problem seems to happen if the overflow switch in the condensation bin is broken, it is meant to shut off the unit until you have a chance to empty the condensation bucket. This unit is actually able to self evaporate most of the water, but Im guessing sometimes there is just to much water in the air to burn away. Being that I read this ahead of time, I was able to come up with a solution to buy a bin to stick underneath the Costway Portable a/c unit for extra protection for my flooring, better safe then sorry friends.

Things I like about the unit:

  • Saves money, I don’t have to cool the rest of the house just to cool the bedroom.

  • Cools the room rapidly, feel the difference in as little as 10 mins.

  • Sexy slim design, way smaller then I imagined it.

  • Comes with a remote, to control temp or shut off form afar.

  • 2 a/c modes, hi and low.

  • Time delays to shut off and on the unit.

  • Sleep mode, tells your unit to raise a half degree for 3 hrs and then shuts off to conserve energy. This is important to safe energy and your body temperature drops when asleep, so your body doesn't need it as cold.

Things I don’t like about the unit:

  • Not being able to trust it not to leak. I have not had this problem, but better safe then sorry. (Thats about it and that is taken care of with a bin placed underneath it.)

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How many Btu does it take to cool my room?

What is a Btu and how much do I need?

A lot of people don’t know what “Btu” stands for and that included me before I did my research for this blog article, so lets break it down:

“(British Thermal Unit (Btu) is the international measure of energy. A Btu is the amount of heat needed to raise 1 (one) pound of water by 1(one) degree Fahrenheit.)”, curtesy of and they have a great chart if you would like to check the rest of the article out.

I chose the 10,000 Btu unit to get the room cooled down fast and in hopes it doesn’t have to work as hard. Very proud of this unit and still feel like I got a great deal, so I had to share this with you Barflies because I know I’m not the only one with this problem.

The Costway portable air conditioner has 10,000 BTU’s and comes with a handy dandy remote control and even serves as a dehumidifier. It is remarkable and reliable, lets take a look at the break down the Costway portable a/c:

  • ❆【Fan Mode and 2 Optional Fan Speed: 】The multiple functional portable air conditioner offers fan mode as well as cool, dry, and sleep modes to meet various needs of users. Under the fan mode, there are 2 fan speeds accessible, and you can set the high or low speed as you wish.

  • ❆【Sleeping Mode and Quiet Operation:】 In sleeping mode, this air conditioner will become quiet (Noise≦56dB). It’s able to maintain the temperature while you are sleeping. And you can use the 24-hour timer in combination to free you from additional worries.

  • ❆【Fahrenheit and Celsius Display Data:】Like most air conditioners, the temperature settings of this portable air conditioner range from 62.6℉ to 86℉. The temperature display data can be switched between Celsius and Fahrenheit, the default is Celsius, but you can choose the unit that you are familiar with.

  • ❆【Remote Control and Wide Coverage: 】There is a modern design that everyone loves, the remote control, that allowing you to set it up conveniently. The compact 10000BTU/H air conditioner unit delivers fast, effective cooling for spaces up to 400 Sq.Ft in home, office, cabin or camper.

  • ❆【Multiple Safety Protection Functions:】This air conditioner features multiple safety protection functions, such as 24-hour timer to set times as needs, water full indicator light to show when the internal bucket is full, self-evaporation system design to save energy and efforts of pouring water, etc. Notice:The most suitable window size is 22.5-42inch.

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I was extremely impressed with the shipping and packaging of this unit. This unit also came 4 days earlier then expected!! I had a great nights rest and I'm super happy with the purchase. I hope you Barflies thought this article was helpful and purchase one today. We all deserve Great sleep!

Thats about it for this review, if you have anymore question please don’t be afraid to ask, I have nothing to hide. Ask me today at

Take a second to look below at the items I bought with this unit to help prevent any damage to your flooring or windows.

Important: If you are happy with this article and want to buy this unit, please use the links provided. They help keep this blog running.

Make sure you buy:

COSTWAY Portable Air Conditioner, 10000 BTU Air Conditioner Unit with Remote Control Dehumidifier Function Window Wall Mount, 4 Caster Wheel, Sleep Mode and 2 Fan Speed -

This is the unit I recommend and it is perfect for any room and portable. Super happy with this unit and comes at a quite 56dB noise level that is constant.

Best Bang for your Buck at a cool $319.99

AGPTEK 400cm Window Seal for Portable Air Conditioner and Tumble Dryer, 158inch Mobile AC Unit Soft Cloth Sealing, Stop Hot Air with Adhesive Fastener-no Need for Drilling Holes for Tilt Window -

Made out of High Quilty Material!

Shocked that this was next day air for $19.74 (I had another on the way for $18.99 but would have had to wait a week, NO THANK YOU!)

Best Bang for your Buck!!

Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG334900WHT Standard Bus/Utility Box, 4.625 Gal -

Again, this A/C unit has not failed me in anyway possible, be it leaking or failing to cool the room. . . But for $10 for insurance not to ruin my flooring, count me in. I highly recommend this or going to your local store and getting one today if you have not done so.

This also comes with a lid that you can cut a hole into to make it look better then an open container on your floor.

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