Best Cocktail Party Punches of 2020! Any and every Holiday should have a punch, pick one out today!

Do you find yourself stressing about what you are going to serve at your party? Well, we are going to help destress you. . . at least for the cocktail part of the party planning! Parties are tough and sometimes its just easier to have someone to help and we are here just for that! So, give yourself 5 minutes and read this article!

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This week for Cocktail Friday we are going to walk you through 3 simple punches that are sure to make your life a little easier and at the end we will recommend some supplies you may need form Amazon and some bar tools that we sell to help make your life a little easier behind your home bar!

(Just remember to order from Amazon sooner then later, this cover thing has got them moving kinda slow, for everyones safety, of course)

Lets get this party started with a little history of where we think punches began. . . if you don’t care about that stuff, just skip on down to the punches, we won’t mind.

A little history of Punches:

So, we know that punch comes form the word puncheon (which is a cast or vessel that holds liquid) or the Hindu word pantsh, which means five. Yep... now you’re confused, I mean, what does five have to do with anything right? Well, looking back in British history (which the British Empire ruled over territories of India from 1612 - 1947), it all comes back to 5 ingredients that British expats in the 17th century made a beverage consisting of: tea, water, sugar, lemon juice and arrack (which is fermented sap). So basically a punch has 5 or more ingredients.

So, the history is a little confusing, but today punches are amazing and can truly make the party! To having your punch in a punch bowl to having it in a fountain with flames shooting out of it, the punch as far as ingredients goes, are super easy and can save you time and money!

Small Party (8-10 servings, per patch)

Bacardi Confetti Punch:


  • 750 ml. Bacarrdi Light rum

  • 6 oz. can Frozen Lemonade Juice Concentrate

  • 6 oz. con Frozen Grapefruit Juice Concentrate

  • 6 oz. can Fruit Cocktail, drained

  • 2 liters Club Soda, chilled (click here for the Soda Stream)


Combine rum, lemonade, grapefruit and fruit cocktail into large container and chill for 2 hours, stirring occasionally.

When party is underway, pour the chilled mixture over ice in a punch bowl and add 2 liters of chilled Club Soda, stir gently and serve!

Medium Party (15 - 20 servings, per patch)

Patio Punch


  • 750 ml. Southern Comfort

  • 16 oz. Grapefruit Juice

  • 8 oz. Fresh Lime Juice

  • 2 liters 7-up or Ginger Ale

  • Cherries


Mix ingredients and add ice. Serve from a punch bowl or pitcher. Note that the first three ingredients can be mixed in advance and refrigerated. Add 7-up or Ginger Ale and ice when ready to serve.

Large Party (40 or so servings, per patch)

Cointreau Punch


  • 1 bottle Cointreau

  • 1 bottle Vodka

  • 3 quarts Club Soda

  • 6 oz. can Orange Juice Concentrate

  • 6 oz. can Pineapple Juice Concentrate


Place clear block of ice in a large punch bowl. Combine ingredients and stir.


Orange slices


Pro tip - mix in frozen fruit to help stay cool

There you have it! 3 punches to get any party started! Keep in mind that you can make any of these larger by adding up. We hope these helped but if you are not feeling these, message us at the bottom right hand corner or email us, we are here to help!

Here are some Amazon product to help you get started:

Punch Bowls and towers:

  • Punch Bowl - 2 gallon - Perfect size and its cheap. Comes with a ladle. Under $25

  • 3 tier fountain - If you are looking for something a little cooler this is a 3 tier fountain that lights up! Under $30 bucks

  • Beverage Dispenser with Ice Cylinder - Maybe you just want to keep your punch nice and cold? This is the perfect item for you then. It’s under $25 and I personally have one and use it at all of my events!

  • Fancy Glass punch bowl - This is a beautiful fish bowl design and comes with 8 glasses and a ladle. under $35

Other cool items you may need:

  • Soda Stream - Great for making fresh club soda in a pinch! I use this thing all the time, one of my top 3 bar items I keep at my bar.

  • Etch-in or write on solo cups - Great for any party. Now is the time to never use someone else cup. Never lose your cup again.

Items you may be interested in that we sell at our site:

Bar tools sold by us at Bar Solutions:

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Wow, that was a big one and we hope this helps you out getting ready for your party! If you haven't done signed up with us yet here is your chance (CLICK HERE)!

Be safe out there Barflies and remember that if you have any questions about the bar or a cocktail we are here for you! Catch you next time!

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