Best and Cheapest Gaming Chairs of 2020. Get your tilt, foot rest and massage on! Read me now!!

I know this is not my typical article, but when I use a great product, I like to keep you all informed. Do you think it is possible to fall in love with an office/gaming chair? I think so and I have found the best and the cheapest office and gaming chairs of 2020. So take the time to read this article and pass it on to people that are looking.

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Let me first start off by saying I’ve been looking for a comfortable office chair for 3+ months! I’ve been sitting in a “directors chair” for a couple of years now and while it has a cool look, it's not at all comfortable. I wanted something I could sit in for hours on end and keep writing and updating the site. So, while looking I couldn’t get over how expensive all the chairs were and one night, I expressed how expensive office chairs are to some of my friends and someone said, “have you looked up gaming chairs?”. This seemed like a great idea! I am a gamer after all.

The next day, magically an article popped up in my social media about the best gaming chairs, so I took a look and read the article and started doing some of my own research on gaming chairs and found the one I like. There was a problem, it was still over $250+ for a chair. So, I kept it on my mind and thought about it for a couple of months and then I just got to the point one day, where I couldn’t sit on that uncomfortable chair for another second!

I got on my phone, went to my cart on Amazon, hit “by it now” and started going thought the process of the checkout! I was on my way of buying the most expensive “chair” I’ve ever purchased in my life and I was happy about it. . . until I got to the part where it asks if you are sure and shows the price again. I wish I could say I kept on going, but it stopped me dead in my tracks and I just couldn’t get myself to press that button. It was over and once again I was defeated by a price tag.

I back out of the cart and look at the chair again, it was beautiful and I most likely would have been happy with the purchase, but not with the crazy color scheme. Then I started looking at comparable chairs and then started scrolling, and scrolling. Page after page, at this point I was so many pages in on Amazon I think I was just scrolling on auto pilot. Then, something caught my eye, a symbol I've not seen before on all the other chairs. Looked like a two wifi symbols, so I investigated. It was labeled "VIBRATION", “vibration”, I said to myself, like massage? And sure enough it was, right there in the lower back pillow!! Then, I seen what looks like a foot rest and then a head pillow or adjustable head support! This was turning out to be the one!

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My mind was racing with excitement and then my mind went “check out the price”, and I think I got sad. There was just no way a chair with all this cool stuff could be under $250+, I mean the other chair didn’t have the foot rest or massage pillow on it at all. Slowly I started to work my way back up to the top of the page to see the price, I don’t think my figures have ever been so tightly crossed before as I said, “please let it be cheap”. I can now see the “buy it now button” and I know with one more downward swipe, I will be defeated by price once again.

Even know I'm scared, I wipe the sweat off my brow and swipe up with my eyes closed. I slowly started to peak and the price is reviled and Im in shock! A Gaming chair with massage pillow, headrest pillow, foot rest and 90 to 155 degree tilt and all for under $150??? I jump with excitement. I swear I've never been so excited about furniture, I felt like I just got a steal! So I put it in the cart and finished the process of buying the chair and pressed the button. Super excited about the purchase,

It still took a week to get here, but when it got here I was excited to put it together and test it out. Lets just say I’m super happy with he purchase and figured I would share my experience and the find of the century! You won’t be disappointed with this purchase!

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Now that you heard my story, lets take a closer look!

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Something they forget to mention is that the seats have mesh on the sides so the cushions can breath.

There really is nothing more to say, all the pictures are links and I would appreciate it if you buy using one of our links.

Gaming/office chair with head rest, lower back support, foot rest and message pillow - $144.99

I can't say this enough, best chair I've ever bought!

Best Bang For Your Buck!!

This gaming chair continues to impress me and for the cost, how could anyone be mad. There are a few things Im going to add to the chair like a cup holder which I will list right under these two amazing deals.

It's to to get comfortable Barflies! Let us know what you think in the comment below.

Gaming/office chair with head rest and massage pillow - $119.99

If you think the other chair is to expensive this this chair may be the chair you are looking for! Comes with no leg rest, but it does look like it has comfy are rests!

The cup holder I just bought for the best gaming chair of 2020

Best portable cup holder on the market - $12.97

This thing fits anywhere and there is always a use for one. . . or four. Get yours today, it'll be worth it!

That's it Barflies, I really hope this helped out and if you know someone that is looking for a gaming chair or office chair, please send them this article.

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