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Truly Amazing Bar Equipment

28 oz Weighted Boston Shaker

28 oz Weighted Boston Shaker

$9.99Regular Price$7.99Sale Price
18 oz Weighted Boston Shaker

18 oz Weighted Boston Shaker

$8.99Regular Price$6.99Sale Price
Black Vinyl Coated Jigger 1/2 to 1 oz

Black Vinyl Coated Jigger 1/2 to 1 oz

$9.99Regular Price$5.99Sale Price
Biggie Bar Mat (Black)

Biggie Bar Mat (Black)



We're Bar crazy

Let's cut to the chase! We truly are bar crazy! We love every aspect of the bar experience. From the time we walk into a bar, the surprise of what the bar is going to be excites us. From the look of "Old World" to Modern bar, to the smell of slow poured whiskey or a beautiful Mojito with its aromas of fresh lime and mint, to the sound of taps pouring beers and the perfect balance of ice to liquor in shaking tins. There is simply no other space in the world with more cheer and laughter than a bar.


Now that you know why we love the bar, its time to learn why we built this site. We wanted to help people buy reliable equipment for their bars, whether it be for a business, home bar or as gifts.   

We are starting off small, but we promise to grow with our customers. Providing reliable products and adding fun new ones along the way is our goal. So... help us grow so we can help you with a bigger, better shopping experience!

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A big question that we get a lot is,


Do we make our own products?


Unfortunately no, but that's our dream, we want to make a trusted brand using the very best in materials and made in the USA. 

We are starting our big dream off with trust! We would love to jump in the market and start buying the machines and material and start pumping out our products that every bar and bartender across the universe would hold up and cheer in excitement about... but unfortunately we don't have that kind of budget!


For now, we are selling reliable, affordable and quality products in order to gain your trust in the effort of winning over your hearts, minds and... money!

But don't worry! There are tons of things you can do with us, while waiting for us to start manufacturing the best bar products made in the universe, here are some amazing examples:

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